About PCS

Procurement Consulting

PCS, IS A COMPLETE PURCHASE TO PAYMENT SERVICE COMPANY.  We are an independent procurement service company representing the customer and the manufacturer. Industrial procurement is our business.

PCS performs:

  • The sourcing, quoting & purchase order placement
  • Supplier selection and quotation review
  • Product delivery
  • Supplier payment.


  • PCS adheres strictly to ALL customer quality requirements:
  • ISO 9000,9001,9002 standard integration requirements
  • ROHS conformity and export regulation requirements
  • Medical product certification integration requirements
  • Supplier qualification certification programs
  • Contracting with  Internationally recognized inspection firms

PCS => Qualified Purchasing Agent

  • JFHurst, Director of PCS
  • 20+ years of purchasing experience
  • Smith Valve Fluid Controls,USA
  • General Electric Aircraft Engines,USA
  • Tallabs Wireless Communications,USA
  • Carl Zeiss Surgical/Medical GmbH,Germany/NYC
  • Friatec, Germany
  • HilgarCrystals,UK